Fire Damage Mitigation & Restoration

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Fire Damage Restoration

A fire can be one of a property owner’s most devastating experiences. At National Restoration, we understand the challenges and complexities involved in fire damage mitigation and restoration, and we’re here to help you regain control and rebuild.


The road to recovery begins with a comprehensive evaluation. Our experts will assess the extent of fire damage, the structural integrity of your property, and the environmental safety. This preliminary evaluation is crucial since it influences our mitigation approach. Our fire damage mitigation process includes the following:

Securing The Property

The first step is to ensure the property is safe to enter. We’ll assess and address immediate safety concerns.

Water Removal

Often, firefighting efforts leave behind water damage. We’ll remove excess water to prevent further damage and mold growth.

Board-Up and Tarping

We’ll secure openings, such as broken windows or damaged roofs, to prevent further damage from the elements and potential intruders.

Smoke and Soot Removal

Smoke and soot can be pervasive and harmful. Our experts will employ specialized techniques to remove these residues.


Fire damage often leaves behind strong odors. Our deodorization methods will help restore fresh air to your property.

Comprehensive Cleaning and Restoration

Once the mitigation process is complete, we move on to the comprehensive cleaning and restoration phase. This involves:

Environmental Responsibility

Fire damage mitigation and restoration also include preventive measures. We'll assess your property and offer recommendations for fire prevention and safety. This can involve installing fire-resistant materials, updating electrical systems, or enhancing your fire detection and suppression systems.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We use eco-friendly products and sustainable methods to reduce environmental effects while recovering your home.

Your Trusted Partner in Fire Damage Mitigation and Restoration

National Restoration is more than a restoration company; we’re your trusted partner in overcoming the challenges of fire damage. Our commitment to excellence, safety, and professionalism sets us apart. We’re here to restore your property and your hope. Contact us today at (855) 247-3786 to learn how we can assist you in your journey to recovery—National Restoration, restoring your property, and peace of mind.


National Restoration is a large loss restoration company that has been specializing in water damage, mold remediation, fire & smoke damage services, and bio hazard clean ups for over twenty years. We work for our customers, not for the insurance companies.




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